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Engine Repair and Replacement

When it comes to engine repair and replacement, look no further than your local AAMCO New Windsor, NY center.

At AAMCO New Windsor, NY, we know an engine is a complex piece of machinery that powers your vehicle from point A to point B. It requires a high degree of technical knowledge and skill to recognize and properly diagnose issues.  The quality, price, and time it takes to repair your vehicle are always our #1 priority. 

There are many symptoms of internal engine damage, but typically any of these following indicators could point to major damage or wear: the engine is seized, excessive smoke from the tailpipe; excessive oil consumption; low oil pressure; low compression in one or more cylinders; water mixing in oil; and/or excessive blow by, oil getting into the air cleaner; severe overheating; harsh knocking or tapping sounds. 

If the engine has major internal engine damage due to a lubricating problem or a severe overheating condition, or it is severely worn out due to very high mileage where it is now using large quantities of oil, smokes, and is lacking power, it could be a much better option in cost, quality, and time to replace the engine than to attempt to repair the existing engine. 

We will perform our multi-point inspection which includes a detailed inspection of your vehicle’s mechanical systems, a scan of the computer system for any codes, and a road test.  At AAMCO New Windsor, NY we never assume you need your engine replaced, as many of the vehicles we service are repaired with a minor service.  AAMCO has been diagnosing drive-train problems for over 50 years and we have all the necessary equipment to check today’s complex electrical systems that control the engine. 

For added peace of mind, our remanufactured engines come with a 3-year/100,000 Nationwide Warranty and we offer several, flexible financing packages – convenient payment plans and no interest options available. 

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